Women are in pursuit of physical beauty as there has been an increase in the introduction of enhancement toolkits which include injections, creams, and pills for bigger hips, bum, to ensure that they became more attractive.

Women have been using a lot of products such as appetito, butt injections to have curves that resemble those of top hot Hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez among others to attract the opposite sex.


Kim Kardashian buttocks
Kim Kardashian buttocks

Most women will find that they are lacking in certain areas and these women resort to different butt enlargement pills, potions, surgeries, and alternative treatments.

Women are queuing to snatch the bum-enhancing cream called Botcho Cream meant to boost hips and bums made from white kwao krua herb from Thailand and fish oil.



botcho cream

The cream is  used by cleaning the buttocks, waist, and thighs with a wet warm towel then applied to hips, buttocks, and massage for two to three minutes until the body absorbs the cream, this process is said to be done twice a day.

The name of the cream comes from Cote d’Ivoire to refer to a woman’s huge buttocks and nobody knows what is contained in the creams, despite the assurance of the existence of natural creams.

Most Zimbabwean women cannot afford to go for surgery to have their bodies enhanced, they have opted for these cheaper methods to change the way their body looks so that they can feel sexier.

The pills, called Apetito Pills are in three regimens that are Super Apetito, Power Apetito, and General Apetito.

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They produce different results, are smuggled through the borders into Zimbabwe from countries in the north believed to make women’s buttocks bigger, women want to look thin like it used to happen years ago.

They want to look big and hence they are taking these pills to grow bigger breasts and backsides as most men consider a big booty as an asset.


Appetito enhancement pills
Appetito enhancement pills

These pills grow fat around the thigh, butt, and hip area. The fat won’t come from other areas on the body, but from the food they eat. So calories that are eaten whilst on the products will turn into fat that will be deposited to desired areas of butt, hips, and thighs.

Normally the pills alone take 3-4 weeks before they start seeing a noticeable change, these pills are everywhere as you walk down the streets of Harare hence they are easily accessible.

Butt injections are one of the many common cosmetic procedures women undergo to achieve what has been deemed in today’s society as beautiful,  Hydrogel butt injections and kits are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures
that make the posterior area more substantial.


hydrogel injection
hydrogel injection

The main components of the injection solution are water and polyacrylamide. Once the solution enters the body, the polyacrylamide acts as a filler to add to the size of the butt and give patients a more shapely silhouette.

women are taking extreme measures like illegal injections and chicken-fattening pills to get a big butt and most of them sacrifice the little they have.

The logic behind the move is to enhance appearance. What are you thoughts about these beauty enhancing products?

Would you use them? Leave your comments below.


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