Trending: Bounty Lisa Gives Birth to Baby Boy

After a long dramatic year, from her divorce with Souljah Love to near life-threatening tumour on her leg, Bounty Lisa has bounced back, this time after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy.

The exciting news has exclusively reached Harare Live with indications the father of the child is named Paul.

The baby’s name is rumoured to be Manake, this according to Zimcelebs.

Below is a collage of photos showing the Zimdancehall chanter while pr_gnant.

A lot of people congratulated the female chanter meanwhile some could see the irony of the name Paul coinciding with Souljah Love’s real name, Soul Musaka

For the years they lived together as husband and wife, SoulJah Love and Bounty Lisa couldn’t bear children and SoulJah Love once sang about it.

Jah Love is known to suffer from acute diabetes, a condition which, according to studies affect male fertility.

Others sympathised with him;

Ini zvangu ndongoti makorokoto bounty Lisa
Kune vanoseka Jah love nyatsoi kuseka chaizvo but don’t forget kuti mwana chipo chinobva kuna Mwari
Kana Mwari vachiti Jah love achabata mwana achamuita nenguva yamwari not yemunhu maya Mwari ndewe munhu wese

How does diabetes affect male sexual and reproductive health?

Diabetes can damage blood vessels and nerves, and increase risk of infection, especially when not well controlled. As a result, diabetes is associated with a range of sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive (libido), ejaculation problems and inflammation of the foreskin (balanitis).

Can diabetes affect male fertility?

The rate of pre-diabetes and diabetes is increasing among young people so any harmful effect on fertility is a huge health concern. It is already known that high blood sugars in diabetic men may lower fertility.

A recent study of men attending a fertility clinic also found that men suspected of pre-diabetes (abnormally high blood sugars) had higher levels of damage to sperm DNA, were more likely to have unexplained azoospermia (no sperm in the ejaculate) and had lower testosterone levels and more disruption of other fertility hormones, compared to men attending the clinic without clinical signs of pre-diabetes.


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