Virginity Soaps Flood Harare Flea Markets

The issue of virginity for girls can be a deal-breaker when it comes to marriage. Some men place so much emphasis on virginity that they are willing to end a relationship before it reaches marriage should they find out that their woman is no longer ‘sealed'.

For a long time, this had been a headache for some girls who would have indulged in pre-marital sex before meeting their ‘soulmate'. Some would resort to cooking up stories like;

‘I only did it once',

‘He was a high school sweetheart who later broke my heart. I was so in love with him',

‘I was raped' etc.

All these stories were meant to convince the groom-to-be that the girl wasn't sexually experienced i.e she hadn't indulged in sex a lot of times. The hope was that the guy would overlook the virginity issue and the couple would then get married and live ‘happily ever after'.

Such tactics had loopholes and weren't as effective as the girls would have wanted.

Some entrepreneurs from the East saw this as a business opportunity and came up with a better solution. They created the wedding night survival kit and its taking Harare by storm! 


brides virginty serum soap being sold in Harare

According to sellers of the bridal soap and serum, the products are so effective that its difficult to tell the difference between a ‘natural' virgin and one who would have used the kit. 

”These products work very well, but the effects increase as you keep using it. Your activeness also affects the working of the soap. If you are intimate more often then the soap’s effects will take time to be really felt but I can confirm that it works. It really works,” said a retailer who was selling these soaps and serums

She went on to say” I discourage married women from using the soap because they can be bashed by the husband wondering how come you have become a virgin again, but I would recommend the serum and feminine wash for it can make the vagina tight but not exactly like a virgin.”

She warned jokingly, “If you use my soap for more than two times before sex, you might need an operation”

The wedding night survival kit is being imported from Dubai and it goes for US$ 10-$25 depending on the retailer. It's not clear how these virginity products work or what their potential side effects are. The same is also true for skin lightening creams.

It seems the would-be brides are more concerned about convincing their men that they are virgins rather than worrying about their health. 

Medical experts and nurses who conduct cervical cancer screening warn women not to use these vaginal tightening creams and soaps. These warnings fall on deaf ears for women who grow up being socialised that the number one role of a woman is to please men.

virginity feminine wash
Feminine virginity wash for sale in Harare


In Zimbabwe, cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women. Each year, at least 500 000 cases are diagnosed worldwide while about 300 000 women succumb to the disease. Out of all the cervical cancer deaths, 80 per cent are found in developing countries.

The men who we asked for their opinions on these soaps all agreed that they were bad news. Some even suggested that this was tantamount to fraud!

One thing is for sure though, these virginity products are in high demand together with the Indian sex sweets which also work to tighten the vagina especially the “mint”.

You can read about Indian sex sweets and their uses by clicking here. Increasing in popularity are also products for hip and buttock enlargement.

What are your thoughts on these virginity creams and soaps? Do you think they are worth the risk? If you are a man what would you do if you somehow found out that your ‘sealed' girlfriend had been bed-hopping before you married her and she used the soap before your first encounter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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