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Fans Believe that Madam Boss Faking Pregnancy

Fans are doubting that the socialite is actually expecting given that she later shared photos that did not reveal a baby bulge.

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CONTENTIOUS and controversial comedienne Tarisai Chikocho has set tongues wagging on social networking sites over her “pregnancy”.

Since the end of last year, Chikocho, aka Madam Boss, has teased her followers on social media with images showing a baby bump.

According to several social media users, the socialite, who is married to Ngoni Munetsiwa, is expecting her second baby. The bulk of her fans are, however, doubting that the socialite is actually expecting given that she later shared photos that did not reveal a baby bulge.

She posted a video of herself shopping for blue baby clothes in a boutique over the weekend on her Instagram feed. This has left her followers, who have already stated their reservations on the matter, even more baffled.

She told one journalist last month that “the stories being spread about my pregnancy are not true”, effectively dismissing the pregnancy rumours. However, the comedienne routinely posts content that contradicts what she has said.

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This includes a video she posted in a baby store over the weekend, videos posted on Tik Tok that show a baby bump, and videos put on her Instagram account in which she claimed to be experiencing unusual food cravings.

The behaviour of sharing personal life on social media platforms has been popular since the coming of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, some social media users have criticised women for posting semi nudity pregnancy photos on the internet, saying it is shameful and pregnancy should be sacred as per African culture.

Madam Boss’ audience might be entitled to knowing every detail of her personal life outside of her profession, but the comedienne has withheld information from them, leading to a lot of speculation on the digital platforms.

Since her plans to have another child were made public in November last year after she disclosed that she had experienced a miscarriage, some believe the pregnancy could be true. Some, however, insist that the baby bump is fake.


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