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Political Novice Robert Chapman Withdraws Candidacy

If a party were to contest all seats, it would cost $250,000 and that’s before the campaign.

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Robert Chapman, often hailed as the Barack Obama of Zimbabwean politics, has decided to step back from the race for the 2023 Presidential elections.

Chapman has withdrawn from the upcoming harmonised elections due to several issues, with the primary concern being the nomination fees.

To throw your hat in the ring as a Presidential hopeful, one must cough up a hefty sum of US$20,000 or the equivalent in RTGS at the prevailing exchange rate. Meanwhile, those vying for the 210 Parliament seats are required to pay US$1,000.

In a statement confirming his withdrawal, Robert Chapman revealed that he had successfully submitted his paperwork to the nomination court. By around 3:20 p.m., his candidacy had been given the green light.

However, he decided to withdraw from the presidential race after consulting with his party, the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe’s top leadership, as well as its advisors, friends, colleagues, and the people of Bulawayo province.


Chapman cited various reasons for his decision, including financial constraints, political divisions, and time limitations.

Reads part of Chapman’s withdrawal letter:

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After great discussion with the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe top leadership and its advisory, friends and colleagues, including the circulation of the Bulawayo province, the party and president reached the decision to withdraw the presidential candidate from the 2023 elections citing key reasons:

– The political financial constraints on the President and the party against the required Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Fee’s to contend the country. If a party were to contest all seats, it would cost $250,000 and that’s before the campaign. This has a chilling effect on democracy.

– The remaining time to voting day without addressing issues around the voter’s roll, polling agent training and costs, and campaign.

– The possible continuation of fractionalization and possible infiltration against the remaining 60+ days to voting day.

– The economic challenges of the nation hindering political support to the remaining requirements to 0campaign and field a strong race.

– The extreme political polarization coupled economic challenges yields concern to campaign in a free and fair environment.

In his statement, Chapman mentioned that the party would field only six candidates for the parliamentary elections and an undisclosed number of candidates for local council elections.


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