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Detective Kedha Arrested After Exposing Lying Woman

He was apprehended for allegedly impersonating a CID detective and posting a video of a woman he detained

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Detective Kedha Arrested After Exposing Lying Woman

Viral renowned social media private investigator Tafadzwa Chidawa, popularly known as Detective Kedha, has been arrested.

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Detective Kedha, famed for capturing thieves in Harare’s central business district streets and for his new relationship private investigator show, has once again found himself on the wrong side of the law.

According to H-Metro, Detective Kedha was apprehended yesterday for allegedly impersonating a police criminal investigation department detective and for posting a video of a woman he had arrested.

Details to his case are still sketchy, however, he is expected to appear in court soon.

Detective Kedha’s arrest has sent shockwaves through social media, triggering a flurry of reactions and discussions.

As news of his apprehension spread, online platforms were inundated with a wave of diverse responses from users across the internet.

Many social media users expressed surprise and disappointment, given Detective Kedha’s reputation as a renowned private investigator and his previous success in capturing thieves on the streets of Harare.

This is not the first time Detective Kedha has been arrested.

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Detective Kedha Arrested After Exposing Lying Woman

Early this year, in January, Detective Kedha was arrested for car theft.

Detective Kedha was accused of stealing a vehicle valued at US$12,000 from South Africa and illicitly bringing it into Zimbabwe.

According to court records, Detective Kedha allegedly acquired a Toyota Hilux double cab from South Africa in December 2022, maneuvering its entry into the country through deceptive means.

Subsequently, he stands accused of orchestrating the fraudulent registration of the vehicle with the Zimbabwean plate number AGE 6745.

Reportedly, he sold the vehicle to an individual named Melody Kufakwemba for $12,000.

On January 2, detectives intercepted the vehicle while it was being driven by Kufakwemba’s son-in-law.

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Upon verifying the registration, it became evident that the vehicle had been falsely registered.

As a result, the authorities impounded the vehicle and confirmed its status as stolen from South Africa after consulting INTERPOL’s international stolen vehicle database.


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