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Meet Tanya Muzinda Our Game Changer of the Week

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Tanyaradzwa ‘Tanya' Muzinda, aged 15, is a popular motorbike racer in Zimbabwe with international acclaim – Despite the inherent danger in the game, the teenager has not stopped practising the sport with strong commitment.

Tanya's passion for the racing game is as much as her interest in helping people in her community Tanyaradzwa ‘Tanya' Muzinda is one of those few whiz kids who inspire not just their age mates, but others older than them. At the tender teenage age of 15, Tanya is one of Zimbabwe's Motocross champions.

It should be noted that Motocross is a very complicated, adventurous but fun motorbike racing sports. CNN reports that despite the challenges inherent in the sport, the little girl has never stopped competing for both at the local and international levels. 

She is the youngest and most successful female motocross rider who has been recognised nationally and internationally and is paying fees for 50 kids. Tanya has been awarded the European Union ambassador for food security position and she also has a big heart.

Tanya Muzinda is participating in the 16 days against gender-based violence and she says she advocates for the emancipation of the girl child.

“A girl child is a child they all need attention like the boy child. I chose to pay fees for girls who have been abused, not going to school and incapacitated from a poor background and also school drops outs. This was to promote the girl child” said Tanya

“It's a great tribute to be acknowledged of doing a good deed to the society , when l started racing motocross little did l know that this will have another great angle in helping society in the way they see and handle the girl child l am truly humbled by this gesture.” Tanya highlighted

Also worthy of note is that she is the honorary ambassador of the European Union to Zimbabwe for Youth, Gender, Sports and Development. 

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